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Our mission is to educate children with learning differences, attention deficits, and developmental delays to achieve their greatest potential. We strive to instill confidence and empower students to succeed by developing an intrinsic desire to learn.


We have developed a program and embrace a philosophy in which the needs of children come first. All children want to learn and do well. Our responsibility as educators is to discover how to motivate each student to learn and develop a plan that best meets the individual educational needs of our students. Beginning at a level that is commensurate with the student’s skills, we ensure success and build confidence. Unfortunately, many students seeking a private education have been unsuccessful in previous programs and this often results in feelings of inadequacy and discouragement. Building the students motivation and self-esteem is essential.


At Pathways School and Evaluation Center, we offer educational services that are tailored to your child’s individual needs. There are several unique characteristics of Pathways that set us apart from most private or public schools. With a background in Montessori Education and specialized training through Montessori Applied to Children at Risk we offer a blend of direct instruction, exploratory learning, multi-sensory interventions, and social skills training. We have highly experienced and well trained therapists for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and academic therapy. We also develop an individual plan for each student based on his or her strengths and needs. By establishing individual goals and having high expectations for each student, we have developed a quality program that remediates areas of difficulty and encourages continued growth in the areas for which a student demonstrates strength.


We maintain a maximum teacher student ratio of 1:3 for groupings when providing reading therapy or intensive math intervention. Often, math instruction is 1:1 for students with learning disabilities in this area. The maximum teacher student ratio, at any given time, is 1:5. This ratio includes a combination of Master Teachers and well trained Paraprofessionals.

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