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Funding Options


Our 2024-2025 tuition will be $27,000/year

Many of our students are funded through scholarships. Click on the scholarship companies below for general information and to see what specific awards your child is eligible for.
We Appreciate Your Support.
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Turn Your Taxes Into Tuition Scholarships For Private School Kids

    You can choose to redirect your taxes to a Student Tuition Organization and help fund a student's tuition! Arizona allows you to turn your state taxes into tuition scholarships for kids in private schools. 100% of this contribution can be taken as a tax credit against your Arizona State taxes.

     Every dollar claimed as a tax credit cancels any dollar owed to your taxes! By redirecting your taxes, you can help students receive the education they deserve, and also know exactly where your tax dollars are going.

     The Student Tuition Organization (STO) is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that reduces your Arizona tax liability, so you can help provide tuition scholarships to students at Pathways at no additional cost to you!


Gilbert 480.259.7788

Mesa 480.350.7010

Tucson 520.288.6537

Ready to make your Tax Credit Donation?
Visit T.O.P.S. For Kids Here

Visit T.O.P.S. for Kids:

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